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В сети нашли первый тест и характеристики нового процессора Ryzen 3000 на Zen 2

О новых процессорах с микроархитектурой Zen 2 до сих пор известно не так...


Windows 10 Home vs. Pro: Do You Need to Upgrade?

While Windows 10 offers many editions for specific use cases, home users only have two main choices to worry about: Windows 10 Home and...

6 Cool Things You Can Do With Google Voice

Google Voice revolutionizes the way we make phone calls—it allows you to combine your home, personal phone, and business phone into...

TikTok Launches New Parental Controls to Keep Kids Safe

TikTok is launching new parental controls designed to keep kids safe while they use the app. And with TikTok being very popular amongst...

The Best White Noise Machines for Drowning Out Distractions

Does sound distract or keep you awake? A white noise machine can help. Many people use noise-canceling headphones to dampen sounds. But...


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