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How to Download Hulu Shows to Watch Offline

You can now download Hulu shows to watch offline. The feature allows some users (but not all) to download thousands of movies and TV shows to watch offline. This means that Hulu users can watch content even when they aren’t connected to the internet.
Hulu Finally Delivers on Its Promises
In January 2017, Hulu promised that it was working on offering offline downloads, with a timeline of “a few months”. Then, in May 2018, Hulu formally announced its intention to start offering downloads “during the 2018-19 upfront season”.
Finally, in October 2019, Hulu delivered on its promises, with the company announcing Downloads in a post on Hulu Press. The feature means that some Hulu users will be able to watch Hulu on the go by downloading shows and movies to watch offline.
How to Download Hulu Shows to Watch Offline
To download movies and shows on Hulu, just look for the Download icon next to a video. Click that, and the content will download to whatever device you’re currently using. To find content to download, just tap the Search icon and select Downloadable.
You can have up to 25 movies or television episodes downloaded at a time. This is per account, and each account can download content on up to five devices. You can access downloads for 30 days, but need to finish watching them within 48 hours of hitting Play.

Hopping on a flight? Take your TV with you! Hulu (No Ads) subscribers can now download videos on select devices and watch them later without needing Wi-Fi or data.
?? Get the lowdown on downloads here: https://t.co/hh1pi8d3ZV pic.twitter.com/7TEZ9yosa0
— Hulu Support (@hulu_support) October 7, 2019

Downloads are only available on the Hulu (No Ads) and Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV plans. These are the premium plans which cost significantly more than the standard plan. And anyone on the standard plan will still need to stream content as they go.
Hulu claims that there are “thousands of shows and movies” available to download. This includes Family Guy and Desperate Housewives, as well as Hulu Originals like The Handmaid’s Tale. You can see more by clicking “See What’s Downloadable” in the Hulu app.
Get Started by Exploring Hulu’s Downloads Tab
Hulu Downloads are available on Android (running 5.0 and above), iOS (running 12.0 and above), and selected Amazon Fire tablets (running Fire OS 5.0 and above). If you keep the Hulu app updated you should see the Downloads tab at the bottom of the screen.
After several years falling behind its rivals such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Hulu finally seems to be getting its act together. You can even now stream Hulu shows in 4K. It’s almost as though the extra competition is forcing Hulu to improve its service.
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