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The New Steam Search Makes It Easier to Find Games

Steam has overhauled its Search function with “new filtering capabilities and quality of life improvements”. The new features are designed to make Steam Search “more powerful and easier to use”. And, as a consequence, help you find new games to buy.
As detailed on Steam Community, Steam has made several improvements to the way Search works. These are designed to make it easier to “browse for new games, or narrow in on exactly what you’re looking for”. Which benefits both Steam and its users.
How to Use the New and Improved Steam Search
The first change means you can now set a maximum price, narrowing your search for games according to your budget. You can also filter out anything other than special offers, allowing you to only buy games when they’re on sale at a knockdown price.
Next up is the option to include and exclude genres of games by tag. You’ll see a set of tags covering every genre you can think of, with a number showing how many results that tag will return. You just tick or untick the genres to narrow your search.

We’ve just released new & improved search features, fresh out of Steam Labs! ????
Filter by price, include/exclude tags, hide games you own, easily find games in your preferred language & more!https://t.co/t5RfLC5DSw
— Steam (@Steam) February 25, 2020

You can also narrow your search further by removing games you already know about. New filters enable you to hide games you already have in your library, games you’ve ignored, and games you have on your wishlist. You can also exclude VR-only games.
Last but not least are two smaller changes. The first introduces infinite scroll, meaning more results will load automatically. The second makes it easier to find games in your language, which will be useful if you’re using Search in a language other than English.
Get Help Deciding What Game to Play Next on Steam
The new and improved Steam Search has come about thanks to Steam Labs, which develops new features and then tests them out on real people. Another Steam Labs experiment uses machine learning to help you decide what games to play next on Steam.
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